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Dar Ismaîl Tabarka 

5 starsTabarkaTunisia

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A warm Tunisian welcome awaits at DAR ISMAIL HOTEL. Begun operating in 2002, and is considered as a jewel of Tabarka's region, offering a typically “Tabarkan” frame. It was designed in a style combining the Arabesque, Andalusia and Modern architecture. Dotted with gardens leading to a beach of fine sand, the DAR ISMAIL is the ideal hotel for a relaxing holiday. The hotel extends over a surface of 5 hectares surrounded by pine forests covered with rich flora, including a gorgeous swimming pool and a panoramic terrace lined with palm trees giving directly to an amazing beach of fine sand expanding on 700 meters. "The DAR ISMAIL is simply your home away from home!"

The hotel is equipped with a fitness and wellness centre, an infrastructure for conference and seminars and it is perfect for golfers and family stays.


- 170 km from the capital Tunis and from the international Airport Tunis - Carthage

- 15 km from the international airport   7th November  of Tabarka

- 10 minutes from Tabarka's golf course

- 5 minutes from the Marina of Tabarka

- 5 minutes from the  Genoese Fort  of Tabarka

- 10 minutes from Tabarka's needles - Natural monument

- 5 minutes from the Tabarka city center

- 1 hour from Bullareggia's archeological site

- 1h.30 from CHEMTOU's museum


/ROOT/ui/aba/hotel_selection/Label_Address Dar Ismail TABARKA is part of Dar Ismail Hotels Direction Marketing et commerciale: 41, avenue Khereddine Pacha Bloc A-4ème étage-1002 Tunis Tunesien Tel.: +216 (LG) - Fax:. - E-mail: shti@shti.com.tn S.H.T.I Hotel Dar Ismail TABARKA Zone Touristique Tabarka Tabarka 8110, Tunisie Tel: 00216 - Fax: 00216. reservation@shti.com.tn , 8110, Tabarka, Tunisia

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/ROOT/ui/aba/hotel_selection/Label_Email reservation@shti.com.tn


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